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Sector Systems - Client Server Developement

CAMS - Claims Adjustment Maintenance System

Handles complete process of taking incoming claim forms, importing into db,
 adjusting claims, sending determination letters and reporting.

technology used:

Visual Basic 5 & 6
MS Word & WordPerfect Form Data Extraction
MS Access & SQL
Seagate Crystal Reports 6 w/ ad hoc querying


Logitrax - International Shipping Tracking System

Convert existing system to new technology and integrate with 
current accounting and GPS systems.

technology used:

Visual Basic 6
Treeview, Sheridan and True DB Grid Interface Add-ons
MS Access, SQL Server 7, ODBC
Server Side SQL Scripts
Great Plains & The World Online GPS Software Integration
Seagate Crystal Reports 7 w/ ad hoc querying

SectorWare Commercial Software Developement

Science Images

confidential - still in developement

technology used:

Imaging, Video, Treeview, OLE, Internet

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