Jurors tend to remember evidence and information that is part of a story. Make your case an effective story using OnPoint Timelines by RPL. Use a timeline to highlight a specific segment of your case, or use it as the platform to present your entire case in chief.

Speed up and take the lead in the negotiation process by sending a Digital Demand Letter ahead of mediation. Incorporate digital exhibits, documents, day-in-the-life videos, animations, timelines and more.

Our high-end video production and digital exhibit interaction technology capture every nuance of the deposition for the video record. Take the courtroom to your witness, and get the most out of deposition testimony. Add value to your case, or save the cost of bringing an expert to trial.

You want to attract more clients and referrals in a digital age. Boost your current marketing efforts with web and social media video. Enhance your print marketing campaigns with digital materials. Trust your advanced marketing needs to RPL's team of seasoned litigation and multimedia professionals.

You know the importance of connecting with the jury. We know the importance of not letting the jury see you sweat. Rely on our seasoned trial support specialists to help you use technology and a/v to effectively present your case, not get in the way of it.