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Trial Support
Your needs in the courtroom are all over the board. Our consultants are experts in technology, audio and video, and litigation.

With RPL in your corner, you can rest assured that your presentation will work flawlessly, that the lines of communication to your office or trial consultant are in place and reliable, and that every case asset, discovery and demonstrative alike, are readily available.

Courtroom A/V
RPL consultants are expert in the intricacies of audio visual needs for presentation during trial. Weve worked in jurisdictions of all sizes, locations and technology set-ups, so we know the variety of environments you face from trial to trial. We coordinate with your venue and internal staff to ensure that the equipment and set-up you need is in place, and you can focus on the content of your case presentation. Our A/V expertise and support mean that your presentation will help you connect with the jury, not get in the way of it
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